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Applique Embroidery Digitizing

The method of applique embroidery digitizing services that need to be performed on some image by the embroidery work is carried out through some steps.  But as a beginner, you need to perform every single step with great care and attention.  Right here we are sharing few of the basic and core elements which you need to consider when it comes to performing applique embroidery digitizing services

Step 1: Choosing Right Size/Style of Image


The first step which you need to consider is about the right selection of the image style or its size. This is so much important. You can never perform applique embroidery until and unless you don’t have the right size of the image in front of you.  This image will also decide your stitching technique as well.


Step 2: Adjustment of Image Size


When you are arranging the size of your image or bringing some sort of adjustments in it, then make sure that you do not shrink it too much. Sometimes the step of shrinking can disturb the overall appearance of your image or the final product.  You can add the image with the resizing of almost 4:3 ratios to a different one are known to result in a poor quality image, so just refrain from changing up the proportions too much.


Step 3: Setting Different Color Combinations


Another most important step is the setting of the color combination range.  Here we would like to mention that when it comes to applique embroidery digitizing services, you can just use a specific group of colors for yourself. There are just limited color tones that you can use on your embroidery machine. Nevertheless, any image with fewer colors is preferred to achieve a crisper look.


Step 4: Image Settings & Adjustments


One of the first things that anyone should do before starting the digitizing for embroidery is to toy with the image’s settings. In addition to the colors, you can also make the use of photo manipulation software to manipulate other elements of the image. If in the condition you are planning on embroidering a model that contains text, then make sure that the text is complete bolder rather than thinner so that it will be much more legible.

Step 5: Load the File Carefully

Our next step is about the file loading on which you want to perform the applique embroidery work.  As you are all done with the image resizing and tweaking, it’s time to load the file inside your software for digitizing.  Some of the software is also available online so you can pick the one which suits your requirements and needs. Once you have loaded the file, just give the machine some time to do its magic.

So these have been a few basic steps that you need to perform one by one for making your applique embroidery digitizing services successful and easy to end up with.  As a beginner, performing the whole process can be little tricky for you. Take guidance from professional right now.


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