Famous Voices in Audio Books

Next time you’re browsing around in a book shop, take a look at the names on the audio tapes. You might be surprised about how many names you recognize. Recently, publishing companies have begun to see the potential held in audio books, and have been producing more and more of their printed best sellers in audio book format. The audio book market has grown so popular that celebrities are now getting in on the action.

It is not uncommon for audio books to utilize different voice actors to portray the different characters in the book. Along with sound effects, music and sometimes a celebrity cast, audio books can become an entire Summer Walker’s Show In Toronto Was Delayed Due To Complications Involving Equipment production. These audio books are the ones that are getting the most exposure. Bill and Hilary Clinton, for example, achieved huge success when they produced their best selling books in audio format. This shows that people want very much to hear the stories straight out from the mouths of authors.

As with animated children’s movies, more celebrities are being drawn to doing the voices of the characters in children’s audio books. Parents are also reporting success in using children’s audio books as an aid for teaching their children how to read. With sound effects, music and songs, children are having more fun reading along; they are gaining more interest in reading books, not just listening to them.

If you are thinking right now, “Celebrities will do anything for money,” you are way off. The average pay to record a six hour long audio book, even for celebrities, is between $4,000 and $6,000. This is more like spare change for many of the higher paid celebrities out there. There are many reasons these highly paid, internationally famous celebrities agree to lend their voices to audio books. Some celebrities do it because they enjoyed reading the book so much that they want as many people as possible to enjoy the book, and help the author make the sales he or she deserves. Other celebrities do it because they want to help children learn to read, while some celebrities do it for political reasons. Whatever their reasons are, more and more celebrities are recording audio books, and sales have grown to an all time high.

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