Four Ingredients For the Perfect Outdoor Kitchen

Designing your outdoor kitchen is a lot like a good recipe with ingredients, that when left out, can ruin the best of recipes. Nothing ruins a Backyard Barbecue like wind, scorching sun, bees and a view of your neighbor who happens to love nude sunbathing.

To assure this does not happen to you, here are four ingredients to make sure the only thing that gets cooked is your burgers, steaks and brats. These steps will also keep you safe from the elements and your likable, but slightly crazy neighbor, Floyd.

Ingredient number one/ Design: When preparing to begin any backyard design, it’s a good idea to locate a reliable contractor who can help you design and build it. This is especially true when it comes to outdoor kitchens. Just to have someone help you with a design might save you a lot of headache in the long run. When my wife and I moved into our home, we had a yard designer help us with a general plan of what we hoped to create. In the end, the final result loosely resembled the plans they had designed with our input. The actual result was purely our digression landscape garden .

Ingredient number two/ Location: The amount of sun exposure can make or break a location. Too much or too little, neither is good. Higher elevations can be windier and ruin any get together. Not enough breeze and you have a sauna. A location near foliage, that is a magnet for bees, will diminish your desire to use your outdoor kitchen. You might find a location that has none of these issues, but there is Floyd, in all his glory, looking back at you and the in-laws on the Fourth of July. Good luck with that. Not everyone can have the perfect location, but it is good to take an honest look at where you build your backyard retreat. Your first option might not be the best.

Ingredient number three/Room for Expansion: Depending on how intricate your outdoor kitchen is, you want to plan for the possibility of further expansion. When running electric, be sure to figure what is necessary to run the fans, lights and outlets you will need. Always plan on wanting to expand later on. This ingredient will be greatly affected by your location. The further away from your residence you choose, the more storage and refrigeration you will need, which will require more utilities. This is where ingredient number one will be of tremendous benefit to you.

Ingredient number four/Accessories: Once you have mixed the above ingredients together, you are ready to add the centerpiece of your outdoor kitchen, the appliances. This is where you can really go over the top. If you are like me, you want the same professional grill a chef would have with all the bells and whistles. Forget the fact that I rarely barbecue for more than two to four people. Throw in the kegerator and wine cooler. The point being, you can spend a fortune on your accessories. Be sure to evaluate what you need and what you want and choose somewhere in between. This will help you immensely enjoy your outdoor kitchen. Instead of thinking how much it will cost you, you will be thinking of how well you planned and created your backyard retreat.

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