How to Gain Success in Your Current Jobs

Become a very successful candidate in your job search is not hard if you are in the right path. But that doesn’t mean it’s easy. You need to spread the word — and your resume — in a way that doesn’t tip off your current employer. And you need to make sure you don’t lose focus on your current job while you’re searching.

Career and job-hunting experts offer below tips for mounting a successful job search while still employed.

1- Tone down your networking.

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It’s a good idea to talk to as many people as possible about your search, but since you may not know all of them well enough to trust them with your secret, try to be subtle.
Using neutral phrasing that doesn’t stress that you’re looking for a job right now: “I’m always open to learning about new career opportunities.”

2- Stay focused on your current job.

Starting a job search means deciding you want to leave your current job. Once you’ve crossed that emotional line, it can be tough to keep putting in your best effort. But you should. You always want to be held in the highest respect by your superiors, subordinates, and peers. The worst things that can happen to you are you go up to your boss and say ‘I quit,’ and he smiles.

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