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Madeira Classic RayonMadeira Classic Rayon As The Best-All Around Machine Embroidery Thread

Madeira is a master in producing high satisfactory embroidery thread. Their line of Classic Rayon thread is durable with a high sheen and smooth feel. It also comes in 4 different weights for specific sorts of embroidery applications. Madeira Classic Rayon is the most versatile embroidery thread which you can favorably use for theĀ machine embroidery.


Madeira Classic Rayon embroidery thread has many user reviews. However, its consistency in excessive-quality, ease of use, and versatility make it a winner among buying customers. Many customers additionally like how it glides smoothly through the fabric. One user even used it on silk with super results, so you would possibly like this thread for excessive trend embroideries. Although the price range is higher than other brands as a super deal of reviewers, say that the high great you get is worth the charge tag.

It is essential to notice that rayon is a finicky fiber when it comes to laundering. Using bleach or color optimizer will alter the colors. It is additionally necessary to stain treat it with cleaners that do not comprise bleaching marketers or harsh chemicals that will change the coloration like peroxide or chlorine. You have to wash the item directly after stain treating it additionally.


  • Strong and flexible
  • Not too much stiff on delicate fabrics
  • Silky Soft
  • Runs easily through the machine
  • Suitable for delicate fabrics
  • High Sheen
  • Versatility: You may want to use it for an extensive variety of embroidery projects.
  • Lint Free: It will not depart fuzz in your machine.
  • The best variety of thread weights


  • Requires specific attention to launder
  • Vulnerable to bleaching sellers and coloration optimizer
  • It is more highly-priced than different brands from the same class.

Madeira Classic Rayon Thread comes in a range of weights so that it can be used in a broad range of applications forĀ machine embroidery. Since it is durable, pliable, lustrous and tender at high stitch counts, it works great for freestanding lace. It can be used to add a touch of shine and dimension to quilting blocks and appliques. You might like it for including some persona to your daily lifestyle. Since it comes in heavy and light thread weights, it also makes an excellent thread for the lettering of any size. Others makes use of include embroidering home decor and linens. The results are infinite with this thread, and you can comprise it into any project.


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