Seven Ways to Choose Perfect Date Night Movies

Dinner and a movie has been the standard and preferred first date since your parents, and their parents went on dates. Catching a flick at your local theater is a great way to unwind, spend quality time with someone, and take in fun and unique stories told on the screen. With so many movies coming out constantly, and the time from theatrical release to DVD shortening, it can be hard to keep up and see everything you want. As if selecting which movies to pick out and actually see wasn’t enough, when it is for a date the decision can be that much more crucial. 123movies  Here are seven ways to choose perfect date night movies.

1. Determine some previous movies your date enjoys

During regular conversations, pay attention to what things your date enjoys. This could give you vital clues to the type of movies they may enjoy. When discussing previous flicks you’ve seen, think about what they say are there favorite and least favorite and try to either choose or avoid new releases appropriately. You can often times select the right flick to watch if you listen closely to what your date has enjoyed in the past.

2. Find similar movies

If you already have a short list of your date’s favorite movies, hop online and do some research on similar movies. You can pick ones directed by the same director, some that have similar casts, similar premises, or ones that are even in the same genre. Today, super heroes tend to have “universes” or imaginary worlds at the center of many different films and diverse story lines.

3. Try a movie that merges genres together

As a compromise, if your tastes differ from your date’s, you may be able to compromise by selecting a movie that successfully blends both genres together. For example, if you enjoy horror, and your date prefers comedy, a dark comedy may do the trick. Rom com vs action? There are movies full of action that successfully blend romance and humor. There is something for everyone when you compromise in this manner.

4. Pick a sequel or prequel

A good sequel and prequel is a great way to see a new movie that you know your date will love. Prequels are becoming more popular, as they allow for more storyline to be infused into the canon of the original films without necessarily needing to change the ending.

5. Try watching something outside your preferences

If you are your date are feeling up to it, try randomly selecting a movie or purposefully selecting the movie you both think you may not be interested in. This is a good way to infuse a little bit of adventure into your decision. Who knows, you may end up watching your new favorite flick!?

6. Check local listings and reviews locally and online

An easy way to select a flick to watch is to check your local listings and local review sites either in print of online. These will come with reviews and quick synopsis of the film so you can make a decision on if you want to see it.

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