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The White iPhone 4 And The Sony Ericsson Xperia Play Prove Great Handsets For Mobile Gaming

For a while now anybody looking for the best mobile gaming experience has generally opted for an iPhone 4. Apple themselves offer the widest range of downloads available whilst the specification of the latest model handset makes it perfectly suited to the demands of modern gaming. This was until Sony Ericsson came along with the impressive Xperia Play which takes Sony’s best selling PSP gaming device and integrates it into a top quality handset. So if you are looking for a high quality mobile phone with good gaming capabilities which of these two models should be tempting you the most?

A vital aspect of any handset that advertises itself as a gaming phone is the processor that it uses. A low speed chip simply would not be able to handle the demands placed on it by modern games. It is well known that the White iPhone 4 is a very fast phone. Apple have lifted their own A4 chipset straight from the original iPad and fitted it inside this model which is what gives the phones its lightning fast properties. Part of the set up is a powerful 1Ghz processor which despite not being dual core offers a faultless user experience. An integral part of this system is also the PowerVR SGX535 GPU that is used to enhance graphics and give the best visuals possible. Being a phone designed for gaming the Xperia Play is also pretty impressive in this area yet it can not quite match up with the iPhones impressive performance. Despite using the same size processor at 1Ghz the unit performs slightly slower than Apples device but both phones are amongst the very fastest that are available. The only down side to these two models is that neither offer the dual core processors that are found in a few of the newer models that are filtering into the marketplace.


Another area vital to not only a great gaming experience but also for all aspects of multi media work is the quality of the screen. The White iPhone 4 comes fitted with what is regarded as the best display currently available, the Retina Display. This name has been given to the screen as the amount of dots per inch it displays is beyond what the human eye can detect at 326. The reason this figure is so high is thanks to the 640 x 960 resolution that can be shown. The Xperia Play was alway going to have its work cut out competing with this screen but it makes a valiant effort with its 4 inch affair complete with a total resolution of 480 x 854. This display is a very good effort but at 244 DPI it is evident just how far behind the Apple screen it actually is. An area where the Sony does offer more functionality is when it comes to gaming controls thanks to the slide out pad that reveals a set of buttons almost identical to a PlayStation controller. Although this adds bulk to the phone’s dimensions it does prove more practical than relying upon the screen like the iPhone does.

As a mobile handset the White iPhone 4 undoubtedly comes out on top here, but serious gamers may be attracted by the slide out pad that the Xperia Play boasts.

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