Things to Consider While Choosing Epoxy Floor Coating for Your Home

The usage of an epoxy floor coating has been long realized to make concrete floors elegant and to protect it from damage. Because of its toughness and durability, it is commonly used on industrial floors. Aside from these, it is also known to be resistant to oil, grease, and other chemicals that can destroy floors. In the earlier years, only merchandise stores used epoxy floor coating but in recent years, it has become a trend for home and garage use.

Many homeowners would want someone to apply the epoxy floor coating, but you can still have it done by yourself. Here’s how.

First, you need to measure your floor in order to know how much epoxy floor coating you need to buy. After which, you need to buy an epoxy paint and an epoxy paint hardener-most likely be given to you in one Epoxy floor coating package. Never be confused with an outdoor and indoor epoxy paint as well as swimming pool epoxy paint. Ask the person in charge of the market on paints to have a clear view on what kind you need to buy. Otherwise, you can buy a floor coating kit online that has a DVD manual with it.

It is important to clean the floor as thoroughly as possible. Wash the floor with water and dish soap, allow it to dry afterwards. If you have a hard time cleaning floors with grease stains on it, you can buy a degreaser at a hardware store. Let the degreaser work its job then wipe it with a cloth and rinse it up with water.

Scrape the floor. You must wear protective gloves and mask while doing this procedure because it involves the use of muriatic acid. Mix the muriatic acid and water and rinse it after with cold water. A cup of muriatic acid is good enough for a gallon of water. Don’t use cloth to apply the mixture, use a stick broom instead.

If you have a manual, you have the knowledge of how much of the hardener and epoxy paint you will need. Mix the two for about 5 minutes and leave it for 30 minutes after.

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